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Lumen flux standard for different indoor lighting

Author : Henry Huang Date : 8/7/2013 7:26:23 AM

Lighting design must consider light intensity, and the resulting flux of illuminated object. Light intensity is measured in units Lumen, illumination unit is measured by Lux. The relationship between two is: 1 Lux = 1 Lumen/m2.

Suppose we have a 10W LED lamp, issued total flux is 600 Lumens. If this 600 Lumens all concentrated in one square meter desktop, then the desktop illuminance is 600 Lux. Different place and time, the lumen flux demand is different, here is the list.

1) Commercial lighting - bright food, especially bread, burgers, seafood, barbecue, etc, can stimulate appetite. So bakery, hamburger, fast food, restaurant food windows need have more than 1000 Lux illumination. Jewelry, watches, clothing stores also must have a bright illumination to stimulate the buying desire. Precision Industries, color printing, museums, galleries, optician, 3C stores, bookstores, typing, drawing and clinic should also have 1000 Lux illumination.

2) General lighting - offices, classrooms, hypermarkets, general stores, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, factories and production lines must be 300-800 Lux.

3) Non-working situations - such as railway stations, airports, hospitals, buildings halls, wards, corridors, stairwells and toilets need 100-300 Lux. Parks, parking lots, and streets can be low to 10-50 Lux.

4) Non-business hours - commercial lighting, general lighting during non-business hours, can be reduced to 100-300 Lux.

Moderate lighting is absolutely a significant impact to the competitiveness of the stores, the first floor counters, including cosmetics, jewelry of convenience stores and department stores, the illumination all need over 2000Lux. Insufficient lighting, it will not purchasing attract attention and desire, also may increase fatigue and drowsiness to the staff.