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LED fluorescent tube has huge potential in the next five years

Author : Henry Huang Date : 2014-7-16 0:10:51

The recent commercial lighting market report shows that that in 2014 the global LED commercial lighting market penetration is still growing quickly, the annual growth is expected to reach 23%.

The main types of LED commercial lighting are: LED fluorescent tube, LED spotlight, LED bulb and so on. Europe, North America and China is the world's main LED commercial lighting market, also is the main focus area within the next five years. The LED tube market demand of 2013 is 2.58 billion U.S. dollars, and will be increased to 8.871 billion dollars in 2018, which highlights the importance of the LED tube in the commercial lighting, especially in the supermarkets, offices underground parking lots etc.

In the regional market, T8 tube is the main lighting product used in office, and the most common used color in Europe, America, Japan and China market is cool white. Generally the LED fluorescent tube life span is 25,000 hours.

For the LED lighting manufacturers, their strategies are to enhance the quality of products, improve the life span, and increase light efficiency; so the light efficiency, conformity, CRI and life hours are still the key technologies.